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C-ROS is an integrative biotechnology platform developing ZeroWaste technologies for the future. C-ROS stands for C-RoS: Cash Return from ZeroWaste and Segregation of Trash. It will convert organic waste from food and agricultural industries, municipalities, communities and households into valuable biofuels and biochemicals.

C-ROS is fully aligned with Thailand’s policy on Bio-, Circular and Green (BCG) Economy.

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Rationale and Targets of C-ROS Technology

Because users of C-ROS technology are required to segregate waste and maintain a sustainable waste management program, we are currently implementing our technology only in communities and private sector entities that can commit to managing waste segregation programs.

  1. Making Waste Segregation Economic Sustainable.
  2. Technology to Target Organic Waste
  3. Integrative Bioconversion Technology (Cell, Metabolic and Process Engineering) for C-ROS

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C-ROS technology


Bio-VIS is a concentrated natural microbial cocktail optimized for conversion of organic waste such as food waste into biogas and biofertilizer.

C-ROS Hydrogen

C-ROS-Hydrogen is a set of microbes that can convert food waste to hydrogen with high efficiency.

C-ROS Alkane

C-ROS Alkane is a metabolic engineered microorganism that can convert food waste into hydrocarbons.

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C-ROS Operation

Food waste bioconversion system

Mahaphot community, Nan province


Food waste bioconversion system

Chumpeewanidaporn School, Nan province

C-ROS Scientists and Engineers


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Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC)
Wangchan Valley 555 Moo 1 Payupnai, Wangchan, Rayong 21210 Thailand


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